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Our Team

An eclectic mix of scientists, artists, academics and practitioners. 

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Dr Elizabeth Jenkinson

Associate Professor in Health Psychology, DRAW Deputy Lead

Expertise: Health psychology, qualitative research, patient and public involvement. Co-chair of the UWE Healthy University Group.

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Dr Clare Johnson

Associate Professor of Art and Design

Expertise: feminist approaches to art history, inter-generational approaches to contemporary art and visual culture, and maternal representations.

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Christine Ramsey-Wade

Associate Professor in Counselling Psychology

Expertise: Mindfulness, ACT, eating disorders, mindful eating, therapeutic creative writing, poetry therapy, counselling psychology, existential phenomenology, EMDR.

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Dr Catherine Warner

Programme Leader for MA Music Therapy

Expertise: Training approaches in music therapy using humanistic and psychodynamic models, microanalysis of music therapy, community mental health practice using music therapy; participatory action research in music therapy.

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Luke Annesley

Senior Lecturer in Music Therapy

Expertise: Music therapy, qualitative research.

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Dr Mike Chase

Senior Lecturer in Psychology

Expertise: Innovative mixed methods, service evaluation,  and reviews of practice in areas as diverse as, dementia services, homeless drop-ins and community psychiatric services.

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Alison Rouse

Senior Lecturer in Counselling Psychology

Expertise: Counselling and psychotherapy, creativity and the arts in counselling, trauma. 

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Dr Michael Buser

Senior Research Fellow

Expertise: Collaborative, cross-disciplinary and community-oriented research.

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Dr David Greenham

Associate Professor of English Literature

Expertise: Ralph Waldo Emerson, metaphor and cognition, close reading.

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Dr Samuel Rogers

Senior Lecturer in English

Expertise:  Contemporary poetry, the health and wellbeing value of poetry.

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Anouk Mercier

Associate Lecturer

Expertise: Drawing, artist in residence at Chelsea & Westminster Hospital, London. 

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Bethan Zalantai

Health Psychology Masters Alumni

Expertise: Art on prescription, wellbeing, mixed methods, move-on groups.

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Emily White

Health Psychology Masters Alumni

Expertise: Art on referral, qualitative research.

Caroline Elliot

Research Assistant

Expertise: Social prescribing, art and nature wellbeing interventions, thematic analysis.

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Senior Technical Instructor in Physical Fabrication

Expertise: Arts on Referral Artist Facilitator and Creativity for wellbeing Practitioner.

Student Project Coordinator and Associate Lecturer

Expertise: Creative thinking and creative project facilitation, general wellbeing coach, oral storytelling.

Team: Our Team
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